Fading of boundaries between digital and physical worlds, is there anything to fear

محو شدن مرزهای دنیای واقعی و آنلاین

محو شدن مرزهای دنیای واقعی و آنلاین

Fading of boundaries between digital and physical worlds, is there anything to fear?

Recently we have read a lot about Pokémon Go and the records it has broken (the record for the highest number of downloads during launch week on the App Store and suchlike), But this is when we are just talking about numbers. The truth is that “Pokémon Go” (a basic augmented-reality based game) was a significant strike for breaking the wall between physical and digital worlds, and although it wasn’t the first strike, it seems it was the loudest one till now!

Considering the growing impact of the internet and www on our daily life, many of us had lost our belief about the thick wall some was assuming between the digital (or so-called virtual) world and the physical (real) one, however there was still a border which makes these two differentiable. Removing this border is exactly how some revolutionary technologies are changing our world. Cyber-Physical Systems or the Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Big-data (the data analysis behind previous ones) are some of the most important members of this generation of technologies (which all could also boost AI, an already-challenging topic).

But this trend has also certain challenges which make some to ask “are these all good or bad!?” Although for some geeks the answer is “۱۰۰-percent good” and for some technophobic and nostalgic ones “completely bad”, but to be honest, it seems almost irrelevant to talk about the goodness or badness of them. Technology goes its way and the main output of this advancement is bringing more “Efficiency” to processes and life. From rising of “fire” to the age of “airplanes”, there were always both good and disruptive usages for new inventions. And still by considering some bad usages or probable dangers, no one even have doubted to employ them. Similarly in these emerging technologies it’s again our art (and also our duty) to exploit the most positive aspects of them and confront the negative ones (especially some probable privacy issues about the above ones), … surely without any haste or fear!

What do you think?

پانوشت: این مطلب پیرو بحثی که پیش‌تر اینجا مطرح کرده بودم و ذیل این پست لینکدین‌م منتشر شده است. نسخه فارسی مرتبط به این موضوع را نیز می‌توانید با عنوان «آیا چیزی برای ترسیدن وجود دارد؟» در وبلاگ بخوانید.

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